The Haute Story

Once upon a time, in a land of plenty, there was a fashion stylist named Karna. She spent her days bestowing fashion, and her sense of style on the elite. Socialites, executives, fashionistas, and fashionistos alike lined up for Karna’s opinion on the latest and greatest styles. Now, these are all wonderful and beautiful people mind you, but they are rather finicky when it comes to what they wear. Some only like Chanel, while others prefer Louis Vuitton, still others will only wear their Louboutins with their Prada and Gucci. They had expensive taste, and of course, they had an extraordinary stylist who was pleased to indulge them.

Karna shopped Neimans and Barney’s, Bergdorf and Saks, perused the boutiques and traveled the globe to bring them everything they wanted in the world of fashion. And they were thrilled with what she found! However, sometimes they changed their minds when it had been in their closet for a minute, or more often the case, didn’t wear it and had no room for it anymore. But every savvy fashionista wants to get some return on her investment, so Karna had an idea. She started with one purse – A rare and discontinued Louis Vuitton bag – sold it on eBay, and the rest is HAUTE history.

“Oh my”, she said, “Frugal fashionistas around the world will be delighted by discounted designer clothes, shoes, and accessories!” And delighted they were! Online sales were instantly booming. Soon many new clients, who had performed liposuction on their own closets, appeared by referral, handing over their fabulous fashion finds. It seemed every HAUTE fashionista wanted to make some cash from her castoffs. Perhaps they needed to pay off their Neiman’s Charge before they upgraded to that new ‘it” bag?

Soon she had created the perfect SPOT for fashionistas and fashionistos to turn their cast-offs into cash. Karna and her staff found that by helping savvy brand aficionados, there was plenty of good karma in this business, so she began using the name goodkarna as her eBay handle. And the goodkarna has gone a long way making couture shoppers happy all over the world.

When Karna finally sat down to pay her clients their share of the profits, it was an astonishing sum! These elite ladies and gents were overjoyed with their reward for simply alleviating their closets of fashion surplus. Glad to have the extra room in their closets, they happily went on to spend more and more. Then one day, Karna exclaimed “retailers, wholesalers, and small boutiques can benefit from luxury consignment as well!” And it was true.

As business grew, so did the reputation of The HAUTE Spot, Inc. Many accolades have come including write ups in Forbes magazine and being named one of Time Out Chicago’s best consignment shops. Due to the growth in business, HAUTE demand was created and The HAUTE Spot was acquired by the Melee brands and rebranded The Haute Spot Inc. The HAUTE Spot Inc. is pleased to join the Melee family which includes: Shop Melee Inc. and Shop Home. Together this amazing assortment of brands truly offers ‘one stop shopping’ and takes care of all your consignment needs. We all know what a true luxury convenience is. We are excited for our future and all the great things that are ahead. Be sure to sign up for a newsletter to keep up with all the HAUTE happenings. For now live, laugh, love, and luxury!